Coca-Koala 可樂熊樂團
Coca-Koala (可樂熊樂團) 由「超級偶像」御宅演員歌手瘦瘦領軍,同時配備有大叔吉祥物。以逗趣的即興閒聊垃圾話與動人的不插電音樂備受好評, 2013 年起持續在 Live House 舉辦動漫主題音樂會。2018年發行台灣首張由日本授權的動漫不插電專輯「老宅歌」,向宅文化致敬,並以歌聲與創作歌詠90年代不死青春老靈魂,同時傳達對這片土地的關愛。

Coca-Koala, a charming music band of singers, actors, and musicians. Our music is as unpredictable as our name suggests, ranging from musicals, comic-animations music, pop songs, and adapted tunes. No-style is our style, or you can call it, an improvised style! Coca-Koala’s performance is not a concert which separates artists and audience, but a gathering among friends. Here, we present you a lovely feast of music, while our casual chat is the side dish you won’t want to miss.