在Rich Brian,Keith Ape和Higher Brothers等新晉潮流新聲背後的前衛互聯網新銳團隊——88rising,是亞洲最具代表性的前瞻思想藝術家和創作者彙集的開拓性媒體平臺之一。以連接東西方文化為主旨的88rising以其“大量病毒式傳播的視頻點擊和與美國知名藝術家合作”而聞名(CNN報導)。由世界各地的創意人組成的領導團隊屢獲殊榮,88rising通過代表亞洲及各地區的獨特文化景觀,在展示亞洲文化這一方面“顯然的填補了空白”(福布斯報導)。

88rising is the pioneering media platform representing the most forward-thinking artists and crea-tors from Asia. Bridging East and West, 88rising is known for its "slew of massive viral video hits and collaborations with established American artists" (CNN). Led by an award-winning team of creative visionaries all over the world, 88rising is "clearly filling a void," (Forbes) by celebrating the unique cultural landscapes of Asia and beyond.