Rainy Knight

Gregorian Calendar October 11, 2021.
ETA Calendar Year 8000E, 922th Day.

RJ2W is the Mother Star that gave birth to us.
We have traveled throughout the universe and visited countless planets.

We accidentally crashed into this beautiful planet when we entered the Milky Way from the Andromeda Galaxy. We later learned it was called "Earth."
While we admired this planet, we also discovered that many things were destroying it. You shouldn't treat your place of existence like this.

Claiming themselves as an alien band, Rainy Knight members all dressed in black, wearing face masks, and having their names encoded. With the classic rock bank configuration of dual guitars, electric bass, and drums, their music style switches freely between soft rock and hard rock on the basis of Instrumental. The all-instrumental arrangement involved a variety of avant-garde genres such as Jazz-Fusion, Nu-Metal, and Djent. It is even more surprising to hear the sampling design of various soundscapes in the works. Through the design of sounds, the band adopts the concept of "soundtrack" as the core of composing. It also helps demonstrate the ecological and environmental issues the band is concerned about.

Rainy Knight is mysterious. They keep a journal for their observation of the earth on social media. They make music to express their thoughts and advice on environmental issues. For them, music is not leisure. It is an accurate communication method, as taught by the Mother Star.