Robot Swing
Robot Swing,怪到不行。

台北麟光製造,由四個音樂宅男組裝而成,內建 Funk、R&B、Soul、Jazz 多核心處理器,高效驅動體內外律動。

儘管年紀輕輕,四人在組成Robot Swing之前,已經以各種形式在音樂場域中耕耘多年,如在2016年金旋獎獲獎的「藍色窗簾」樂團;與陳以恆、LEO37、楊士弘、柯泯薰等等台灣頂尖音樂人的合作;更是今年「被加入最多串流歌單」的台灣獨立音樂—〈TM5〉的創作基底,共同創作的對象包括黃宣Yellow、李權哲、阿爆、熊仔、呂士軒、LINION及雷擎等人。

2020年,Robot Swing初試啼聲即在熟悉的金旋獎舞台獲獎,緊接著由「福祿壽音樂」製作的首支單曲〈AI敢會愛?〉入圍2021年金音獎「最佳節奏藍調歌曲」和2022年金曲獎「最佳編曲人」。

憑藉精湛的演奏技巧、不斷突破的創作能量、音樂中獨特的品味,以及彷彿天外飛來的幽默感——Robot Swing 這個四人器樂組合,即將在2022年夏天釋出他們的首張專輯,大家準備好了嗎?
Robot Swing’s weird.

Comprised of four of the most intriguing (and peculiar) music minds on the island, Robot Swing was formed out of a love of something ‘different’.

Featuring: Chao Cheng (Keys), Yu-Ming (Drums), En-Li (Bass) and Wei-Nong (Guitar), though light in age, this foursome had already put in an incredible amount of work prior to Robot Swing’s inception. Having been in several of their own successful projects (including 2016 Golden Melody Prize recipient, Blue Curtain), as well as produced/arranged/supported some of Taiwan’s finest, including: (2020 GMA-nominated) Yi-Heng Chen; (2018 GMA-nominated) LEO37; (2020 GMA-nominated) Midi Yang; (two-times GMA-nominated) Misi Ke; as well as laying the foundation for this years ‘most added’ independent Taiwanese song to digital playlists, ‘TM5’ featuring Yellow, Jerry Li, ABao, Kumachan, Trout Fresh, LINION, L8ching and many more; Robot Swing would eventually make their debut in 2020 on a familiar stage, as the recipient of the Golden Melody Prize. Quickly followed by a 2021 Golden Indie Music Award nomination for Best R&B/Soul Song and a 2022 Golden Melody Award nomination for Best Arrangement for their single ‘My Heart is Plastic’.

Combining an elite skillset with boundary-pushing songwriting and incredible taste, all the while maintaining their ‘unique’ sense of humor, this Taiwanese quartet is set to make an impact for years to come. With their debut album set for a Summer 2022 release, be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for Robot Swing.