“Intro Muzik”

“Intro Muzik”

“Often time people come up and say: ‘hey Bruce, are you really that good?’ I said, ‘well if I tell you I’m good probably you’d say I’m boasting, but if I tell you I’m no good, you know I’m ly-ing’; alright, going back to being truthful with you, let's just put it this way, I have no fear of op-ponent in front of me; that I am very self-sufficient. That they do not bother me. And then, should I fight? Should I do anything? I have made up my mind, and that's it baby, you better kill me before…” - Bruce Lee

“經常會有人過來問我, 嘿布魯斯,你真的那麼厲害嗎? 我說,如果我告訴你我很厲害,你可能覺得我在吹牛,但如果我告訴你我不厲害,那麼你知道我是在撒謊. 事實上, 這麼說吧: 我對於面前的對手沒有絲毫的畏懼, 我有著極度的自信. 他們對我一點影響都沒有。至於我應該戰鬥嗎? 我應該做什麼? 我早已下定決心, 就是這樣了, 你最好殺死我, 在我...之前。” - 布魯斯 李

Pop on em bishes man this ain’t a scrimmage
Buck on a bad bit like she was just average
Whippin’ lil rentals them bishes is tinted
You is not active you just a civilian
I pull up they peelin’ I’m sendin they squealin’
Peelin’ em slowly it’s a hell of a feelin’
(慢慢的剝它們皮 那是最好的感覺)
I’m at the top you just be in the building
Whippin’ them horses I’m gone like the ceilin’
(駿馬賓士 不見了就想我的房頂)
Fresh off the boat I get it fresh off the boat
(剛下船 我的裝備來自海外)
No we don’t just carry we tote
All of them boogers they choke
Thank god for the soft and the stove