“The Process” (Interlude ft. 歐陽靖)

“The Process” (Interlude ft. 歐陽靖)

“You have reached the voice mail box(您已轉接到語音信箱)...”
“Hey yo what up this is boy Castle$ man(嘿兄弟,這裡是Castle$),
I can't get to the phone right now, so(我暫時沒辦法通話)
Leave me a massage, you know what to do(先給你留言,稍後聯繫).”

“Yo what’s going on Castle$(最近還好嗎 Castle$),
nothing just wanted to send you some words of encouragement man(沒別的就想給你發一些鼓勵的話),
you know, as far as the music thing(對於音樂的事情),
I would say, just focus on your craft man(我想說專注於你的理念),
make what speaks to you, you know, make music that you feel represents you(做你相信是真實的音樂,能代表你的音樂),
and everything else, you know, will unfold accordingly(別的事情自然而然的就會相應的展開),
but I hope you and your family are well during this time man(希望你和你的家人都好),
god bless you, take care, later bro(上帝保佑你,保重,晚點聯繫兄弟)…”