Here We Are, the Two of Us (電視劇《親愛的她們》插曲)
專輯:親愛的她們 (電視劇原聲帶)

Here We Are, the Two of Us (電視劇《親愛的她們》插曲)

Here we are the two of us so much in love the two of us
Can't you tell?
We're brimming with love for each other
Gosh I'm so impressed that we look so well
We are made for one another
I am me and she is she
We're looking fine
Two peas in a pod we are so much a like
We are we're one of a kind
We are so pretty
We're so attractive
How could anyone resist?
It's a shoe in that we're on your best looking number one list
I'm so happy that when I was looking for
Another me that I found you(yes I did)
You are just the person that I want because you are so happy and true
What's up with the talk that I am arrogant and full of myself all the time
I'm just speaking facts and it is
Oh just so apparent I am sublime.
When I'm with you and you're close to me
I feel like you make me complete
We're two pretty heads and you're my hands,
I am your feet, follow me baby
We sure look good,You and I
People see and say “oh my“
What a pair we make strolling a down the street
We are something to look at especially
because we're lean, not fat
Who in the world wouldn't want to be like us
Since we're the best you'll ever see for get the big fuss for
We're the ones you'll want to be for ever and a