Aliens On Earth 地球上的異形
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Aliens On Earth 地球上的異形

The president called me yesterday
Aliens landed in the bay
Drink till the answer comes to us
At least we won't taste like much

General Jim is at the wheel
His purple heart is made of steel
Kisses the picture of his wife
Fighting for the silver dollar sign

Here disaster lurks
We're numb on earth
Is there anybody out there?

I laugh
I cry
My life is beautiful
You kiss
You sigh
You're irreplaceable

Do you feel alive?
That's how we'll survive

Tippin' the waitress at the bar
Danny admires from afar
Texting her loneliness away
Doesn't see when he gives her a wink

Aliens make it to LA
Why is the human race so vain
Enter the beauty contest
No one even notices a change

Here disaster lurks
We're all numb on earth
Are there any feelings out there?

We laugh
We cry
Yea let's go out tonight
I kiss
You sigh
Yea You're a miracle
Miracle on earth

Still I like to stare
At all the lovely girls
As they walk by
Monday morning
Butter and toast
Play in the lawn
And nap later on
American dream
Isn't for me
I'd rather that you
Beam me
Up there

Let's dance
Yea life is beautiful
Go fast
Don't stop
Be unforgettable

We're a miracle
Aliens on earth