Hundred Times
歌手:Lizzy Wang & VaVa毛衍七(Lizzy Wang & VaVa)
2022-06-23 | 粵語音樂
亞洲頂級女DJ/製作人Lizzy Wang聯手中國說唱女王VaVa毛衍七帶來華麗驚喜,她們的最新單曲《Hundred Times》在華納音樂旗下亞洲電音廠牌WHET RECORDS重磅來襲。


“Please boy take me to the other side, I’ll do it hundred times for you.”

Asian’s TOP female DJ/Producer Lizzy Wang teams up with Chinese rap queen VaVa for a gorgeous surprise,their latest single "Hundred Times" will be release on Warner Music's Pan-Asian dance label WHET Records.

With a romantic trap style and a sexy, lazy bass, VAVA's new song creates a relaxed flavor of a seaside tavern. The breezy, bouncy hook is paired with characterful rapping, as if you're sipping a blue margarita in the summer breeze, gazing drunkenly at your loved one in the distance, in a subtle, loving atmosphere. With just one glance, I fell into your starry eyes. When love collides with reality, it leaves us in silence with each other.

"Please boy take me to the other side, I'll do it hundred times for you." No matter what I'll still fall for you, like a tie that I can't break in my life. No matter how harsh the reality is, I'll give it all for you, I'll just embrace the only you in my life.