Disco Nights
2020-11-10 | 西洋音樂
Newtro-Dance Pop Duo 'Newton'
retro-emotional disco-pop [Disco Nights]

This time it's a disco!
Newton, who offered a highly-complete 80s-style dance pop number with [Dance By Myself], came back to disco pop this time.

Newton continues the 2020 retro dance craze with a newtro disco pop [Disco Nights] reinterpreted in a modern sense based on the original feel and sound of the disco.

Kim Seo-young of the acappella group 'Narin', which is loved by K-pop cover, participated in the vocals and completed it with an exciting disco number with an attractive voice that coexists with retro and modernity.

The English version of American singer-songwriter Ina Bravo, which is the third time to match Newton following the last single [The Law of Gravity] and [Dance By Myself], is a tone and a vocal method that inherited the disco sentiment of the mainland of the United States, and tells a disco pop track that is a little closer to the original.

Why don't you try to get out of the heat and anxiety for a while, imagining the beach disco stage of the summer night of the 80s, where everything was rich and full of excitement?