Just Used Music Again
2019-09-05 | 西洋音樂
88rising和RHYME SO聯合推出單曲《Just Used Music Again》,作為88rising即將推出的《Head In The Clouds II》全員專輯中的第二首單曲,同時也是RHYME SO這個來自東京的二人舞曲組合的全球首次亮相。

RHYME SO由RHYME Goldstar (澳大利亞出生的DJ,製作人,詩人和模特) 和Shinichi Osawa(日本傳奇DJ兼製作人)組成。這對二人組合帶來的音樂充滿著憤世嫉俗又繞口的演講,機智豐富的詩歌以及富有懷舊氣息的House風格。憑藉其極具感染力的歌詞,極簡主義和經典的House歌聲,《Just Used Music Again》能夠喚起人們對於昔日迪斯可舞會的懷舊情懷,愛上音樂,並回歸舞池。

《Just Used Music Again》的發佈預示著88rising的《Head In The Clouds II》專輯即將到來,這是繼去年首張88rising全員專輯發佈以來的後續版本。首張《Head in the Clouds》專輯在全球迄今已擁有超過4.5億播放量,該專輯中的主打單曲“Midsummer Madness”,更是在Spotify的全球和美國熱門排行榜登頂。今年,88rising邀請其家族成員Joji擔任HITC II專輯的製作人。

Head In The Clouds II 系列展示了88rising與日本傳奇藝術家空山基(Hajime Sorayama)的合作藝術作品。空山基是世界聞名的日本藝術大師,其作品被收錄在紐約現代藝術博物館和史密森學會的永久收藏中。空山基最近剛與時裝設計師Kim Jones合作,共同設計Dior Men的2019年Pre-Fall系列。這次空山基擔任《Head in the Clouds II》專輯的視覺藝術總監,從其標誌性的作品 - “Sexy Robot”超現實主義圖案中汲取靈感,融合到《Head in the Clouds II》專輯的封面藝術,視覺效果和衍生的服裝系列中。

88rising and RHYME SO join forces for “Just Used Music Again”, the second single off 88rising’s forthcoming Head In The Clouds II crew album and the Tokyo-based dance duo’s global debut. RHYME SO is Australia-born DJ, producer, poet and model RHYME Goldstar and legendary Japanese DJ and producer Shinichi Osawa. Together the duo’s music consists of cynical, tongue-twisted speech, wit-rich poetry, and nostalgic house-inspired production. With its infectious lyrics, minimalism, and classic house vocals, “Just Used Music Again” invokes a nostalgia for disco parties, falling in love with music, and grooving on the dance floor.

“Just Used Music Again” further sets the stage for 88rising’s Head In The Clouds II, the follow up to the collective’s first edition from last year, which has garnered over 450 million streams to date and reached #1 on Spotify’s Global and U.S. Viral Charts with the project’s standout single “Midsummer Madness”. This year, 88rising have enlisted flagship member Joji to Executive Produce the album.

The Head In The Clouds II campaign features collaborative artwork from legendary Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama, whose work is included in the permanent collections at the MoMA in New York City and The Smithsonian Institution. Sorayama, fresh off his recent collaboration with fashion designer Kim Jones for the Dior Men’s Pre-Fall ‘19 collection, is acting as visual art director for the album. The campaign draws inspiration from the Japanese artist’s signature “Sexy Robot” super-realist motifs, which are incorporated into the album’s artwork, visuals, and accompanying apparel lines.