歌手:Rich Brian
2018-02-02 | 西洋音樂
Rich Brian備受期待的個人首張專輯《Amen》今天在88rising旗下發行。在首專輯面世前夜,這位年僅18歲的印尼說唱新星,完成了他的個人深夜節目首秀。在詹姆斯•柯登的“The Late Late Show”舞臺上演繹了專輯中“Amen” 和“Cold”兩首作品。
《Amen》整張專輯像一部關於Brian的成長編年史,記載他從一位元不起眼的,家庭式教學的雅加達少年Brian Immanuel,憑藉熱門單曲《Dat $tick》在互聯網上病毒式的快速傳播後,吸引了全球目光,一躍成為新晉國際Icon——Rich Chigga的故事。如今他希望大家認可他的新名字Rich Brian。這位5年前才開始在YouTube上自學英語的少年,如今能夠通過《Amen》這張個人專輯向全世界的聽眾展現自己的年輕才華,也讓他信心倍增。
在幾乎完全由Brian自己擔當專輯製作人的情況下,《Amen》耗時近一年完成。除了專輯的準備外,他的大部分時間投入在美國多地一票難求的巡演項目”Come To My Party”上。Brian坦言自己為了“Amen”獻出很多”第一次“:第一次坐飛機到美國,第一次和經紀人正式會議,第一次參加棚拍節目(搭檔居然還是Pharrell),第一次撩妹,第一次吃Shake Shack,以及第一次得以和網聊多年的美國網友們見面。《Amen》讓這一切不可思議的事發生。
《Amen》帶給歌迷的驚喜還在於爆炸性的合作陣容:從Offset,到同樣來自88rising廠牌的藝人Joji, NIKI和AUGUST 08。這也是它被Complex,Genius和Vulture列入2018最值得期待專輯的原因。在剛過去的2017,Rich Brian向世界證明了自己。從超過8千萬的點擊量的《Dat $tick》開始,這個18歲少年一次次取得了空前驚人的突破。在2018《Amen》發行後,人們將在他的歐洲巡演和音樂節等更多地方看到這位少年的身影。就像音樂媒體Pitchfork對Rich Brian的認可“他迄今取得的成就都是天賦使然,並且他註定在音樂事業上有一番作為”。無論是被美國老牌權威音樂雜誌Rolling Stone選入“25 Under 25 ”名單(25位改變世界的年輕力量),還是接受Nardwuar或Pharrell Williams的採訪,還是在亞洲、美國和歐洲的演出通通售罄,Rich Brian一直在向大眾展示他驚人的潛力,且不斷向主流音樂市場前進。

Rich Brian —the 18 year old rap star from Indonesia— releases his highly-anticipated debut project, Amen, today via 88rising. Last night, he also made his late night debut, performing singles “Amen” and “Cold” on The Late Late Show with James Corden.
Amen is Brian Immanuel’s coming of age story. It chronicles his humble beginnings as a homeschooled teenager from Jakarta to his newfound role as a global icon, after breaking out as Rich Chigga with his viral hit, “Dat $tick.” Now known as Rich Brian, the young artist, who learned to speak English less than five years ago by watching YouTube videos, has created a project that’s confidently him through and through. Produced nearly all by Brian himself, Amen was completed within a span of the year, during most of the time when Brian was on his tour bus, criss-crossing America for his sold-out, headlining Come To My Party Tour.On the project, he candidly shares his many firsts : his first flight to America, his first-time meeting his manager, his first studio session ever (with Pharrell), his first hook-up with a girl, his first Shake Shack experience, and him finally getting to meet all the American friends he has made on the Internet over the years. Amen is when all the impossibles become possible and when the underdog becomes the fan favorite.
Amen, which includes a fiery feature from Offset, as well as from fellow 88rising label mates Joji, NIKI and AUGUST 08, was named one of the most anticipated projects in 2018 by Complex, Genius and Vulture. Last week, it received advanced approvals from New York Times critics Andrew Chow and Jon Caramanica. 2017 was the year Rich Brian proved he was anything but a novelty since breaking out as Rich Chigga with his 84 million plus view video “Dat $tick.” In 2018, with the release of Amen, his upcoming European tour, festival dates and even more music along the way, it is affirmative that “Rich Brian “deserves his triumphs to date and that he’s not going anywhere.” (Pitchfork) Whether he’s being named Rolling Stone’s “25 Under 25,” sitting down for interviews with Nardwuar and Pharrell Williams, or selling out headlining shows in the US, Europe and Asia, Rich Brian is showing why his “mainstream potential is unprecedented.” (Vulture)