That Girl
歌手:Lagaylia Frazier
2013-08-14 | 國語音樂
LaGaylia Frazier moved to Sweden in 2001. But she had already done most things many artists have only dreamed about. She was signed by record moguls Chris Blackwell (former Island Records), and Emilio Estefan (Crescent Moon/Sony records). She has participated twice in the extremely popular Melodifestivalen (European Song Contest). She has toured all of Scandinavia, Europe and China with the successful concert concept ”Rhapsody in Rock”. Twice she has been requested to perform for the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria's official birthday celebration. Swedish television has become a home for the face and presence of LaGaylia Frazier.

In 2013 LaGaylia Frazier released new material returning to the soul and funk music she loves, in a neo soul mode.

She has a voice that spans all musical genres, from rock to jazz. This is what makes her voice so distinct when put up against the canvas of all other singers of this day and age. Her extremely vibrant and deeply soulful live performance should be experienced by all. It can be life changing!

She is, in one word, Music. She sings from one place, her Soul and she is guaranteed to touch your Heart.