2018年,張一弛以“弓也”的英文直譯“BowAsWell”為名,開啟了自己的Home Studio音樂計畫。第二年,貝斯手劉梓峰和鼓手高宇陽的加入使BowAsWell擴展為三人編制。作為央美校友的劉梓峰是張一弛多年來的音樂夥伴,自幼學習古典吉他並精通Funk、Blues音樂演奏手法。而曾在深圳研習架子鼓多年的高宇陽是位深受眾多黑人鼓手與Funk、Gospel音樂影響深遠的年輕鼓手。他們的加入讓BowAsWell呈現出更加完整的一面。


BowAsWell’s sound is a smart mixture of groove music and psychedelic, rock and electronic music. While those Groovy and punchy drums touches your dancing nerve, his dreamy melody and slightly intoxicating vocal makes you feel like a chill breeze blew over your cheeks and your body. His usage of analog synths, outboard gear, vintage equipments and mixing techniques makes his music feel nostalgic and modern at the same time. Just put your headphones on and immerse in the smooth vibe that his music presents.

Being the core member of BowAsWell, Beijing-based singer-songwriter, Multi instrumentalist and Producer Yichi Zhang is currently studying experimental art at the Central academy of fine art. At the age of 10, he started listening to music on his sister’s iPod, and was introduced to the world of Hip Hop, R&B, Soul and all kinds of indie and pop music. At 12, he got his first electric guitar and an audio interface as birthday present, and all started from there. This explains why this 21-year-old boy could end up delivering such decent, full sounding music, and be able to master guitar, bass and drums.

In 2018, based on the literal translation of the last character of his chinese name “弓也” , Yichi Zhang started BowAsWell as a music project. After joined by Bassist Zifeng Liu and Drummer Yuyang Gao a year later,BowAsWellhad extended to a 3 piece band. Yichi Zhang and Zifeng Liu has been exchanging musical ideas for years and study together at the Central academy of fine art, he studied classical guitar from a very young age and also had a great understanding of how to play bass in a funky and bluesy way. The same connection to Groove can also be applied to Yuyang Gao , who played and studied drums in Shenzhen for many years and is heavily influenced by Funk and Gospel music. The love for funk and groove brought the three together and a more complete sound to BowAsWell.

In 2019,BowAsWell is signed to Mastermind, which is a record label subordinate to Earth entertainment company. His debut album is currently in the making.Coming soon.