Dust Into Glory
2017-03-14 | 國語音樂
浮塵榮光(Dust Into Glory) 你看強光照射下的灰,會一點點在空氣裡散開,上升降落,倘若能聽見,也必然是轟鳴的優雅和靜謐。盯著這一柱飽滿的顆粒榮光,你的想像力被逐漸撕開,越拉越遠,於是想到了隱埋心底的秘密,激烈無言的情仇,半虛半實的人影,生命冗長的意義。等到回過神來,夜已經很深了。 《浮塵榮光》是Nocturnes曳取與草台回聲簽約之後的第一張正式EP專輯。其中包括四首歌:Perfect Tide(完美潮汐),Shutter(快門),意義絕緣體(Meaningless Meanings),Love Kills (愛會殺人)。 每首歌的感受完全不同,你聽到的就是你認為的,你認為的就是你得到的。曳取帶來的音樂指引從來都是放跑各位,沒有方向可言,能去多遠全看自己。在晚上服用很容易沉醉其中,至於究竟等同於咖啡的作用還是安眠藥的作用完全因人而異。 這張EP專輯由中國知名新銳電子樂製作人,燃音樂唱片創始人沈立嘉親自操刀混音,由來自倫敦著名的Metropolis Studio工作室中的John Davis完成母帶製作。曲曲求精,不容錯過。

When you look at a beam of sunlight, you see the dust particles within, slowly revolving and moving in the air, with a silent grace. It is hypnotic in a way that is shared with no other thing, allowing you to move beyond the place you are in, letting you think of buried secrets, intense love, fervent hate, glimpses of silhouettes, the purpose in one’s life. Dust Into Glory is the first official EP from Nocturnes, released by Caotai. It features four songs: Love Kills, Perfect Tide, Meaningless Meanings and Shutter. The music never builds towards a certain direction. It shifts and darts, from one place to the next, each song creating a world for the listener to explore. It frees you, allowing you to wander within the music, and find what you want therein. The EP was mixed by Shen Lijia, producer and head of Ran Music in Beijing. It was mastered by John Davis from Metropolis Studios in London.